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Welcome New Parnter: Jason Faulring

AppliedLogix continues to grow our embedded software team by welcoming Jason Faulring to the group. Jason has worked on several of our projects over the past few years and has been able to jump right into the mix without missing

Welcome New Partner: Michael Sander

AppliedLogix is proud and honored to be a growing business – as our clients bring us new projects and refer others, we’ve carefully and sustainably added top-5% engineers to our team. This month, AppliedLogix is happy to welcome Michael Sander

Selecting an Embedded RTOS – Use the Source!

The Gift of Open Source

When someone – like John Carbone – has been doing embedded software for three and a half decades, it can be good to consider what they have to say – in this case, about RTOS source code: …developers feel that

See You at the NY-BEST Energy Storage Expo

The AppliedLogix team are engineers, first and foremost – but once in a while, we emerge from behind our desks and workbenches, trade in our calculators for suits, and go out on the town. This September 10th, we’ll do just that

Getting Your “Things” Online

Networked embedded devices! Lately it seems like living in a hermetically-sealed, anechoic fallout shelter (that’s under a rock for good measure) might be the only way to avoid their all-out takeover of the tech press. The term “Internet of Things” (or

Welcome New Partners: Ray Glover & Bill Lear

AppliedLogix is proud to be a growing team of embedded electronics experts, and we’re happy to announce the recent addition of two new partners to the company! Ray Glover and Bill Lear have joined AppliedLogix, bringing our all-partner team to 11

Embedded Design Trends

I’ve written here previously on being truly engaged with our profession; one engagement opportunity is keeping an eye on trends in embedded systems development. EE Times conducts an annual survey of embedded market trends, and they recently published this year’s results:

Welcome to Acumen

As 2014 gets underway, AppliedLogix is refreshing our Web presence with an all-new site and this blog, Acumen. Our goal is to share some useful information, our thoughts on engineering and product development, and our perspective on the world of technology.