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Author and columnist Jack Ganssle, a name well-known to most embedded developers, recently posed a question in his “Embedded Muse” newsletter: Are you truly engaged with your profession? He argued that staying current with industry practices and disciplines is a fundamental part of being an engineering professional, and I couldn’t agree more.

On March 12th, the NY Battery and Energy Storage Technology consortium will host its annual conference, Capture the Energy. As part of our ongoing efforts to keep current and up-to-date on the industries and domains where we work, AppliedLogix team members will be attending. This will be our third year at Capture the Energy, and we’ve always come away from the event with a new appreciation and knowledge of cutting-edge developments in the energy storage industry. From flow batteries to flywheels to fuel cells, from Lithium-ion to Sodium-salt, from personal power to grid-scale energy, this conference has been a consistent eye-opener.

Industry innovations and engineering practices advance quickly, challenging engineers to keep up-to-date, practice and use our skills, and stay in tune with what our stakeholders need. I know I speak for our whole team in saying that for us, doing so is just a matter of being professionals.

About the Author:

David Rea is an AppliedLogix senior engineer and partner. He serves as the firm's engineering practice leader for Fuel Cell and Energy applications. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BS) and Software Engineering (MS) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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