See You at the NY-BEST Energy Storage Expo

The AppliedLogix team are engineers, first and foremost – but once in a while, we emerge from behind our desks and workbenches, trade in our calculators for suits, and go out on the town. This September 10th, we’ll do just that as we head to the NY-BEST Energy Storage Supply Chain and Manufacturing Conference & Expo in Rochester, NY. We’re excited to be a sponsor and exhibitor at the event this year.

A lot of amazing things are happening in the world of energy storage right now. From batteries to fuel cells, micro-grids to electrified transportation, the accelerating pace of innovation in this area is well-timed with new demands for alternative energy sources, greener mobility and more robust power systems. With all of these new energy technologies come control electronics – an area where AppliedLogix has a wealth of experience! We’ve developed custom controllers, high-density power converters, battery managers, engine instrumentation, Internet-enabled monitoring systems, and plenty of safety-critical devices.

If you’re planning to attend the NY-BEST Expo this September 10th, we hope you’ll stop by and see us – we’d be delighted to explore how AppliedLogix can help support your energy innovations!

About the Author:

David Rea is an AppliedLogix senior engineer and partner. He serves as the firm's engineering practice leader for Fuel Cell and Energy applications. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BS) and Software Engineering (MS) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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