Check Out the NY-BEST Supply Chain Database

This past September, the NY Battery & Energy Storage Technology (NY-BEST) consortium launched a new database of vendors, suppliers and service providers for companies working on batteries, fuel cells, ultracapacitors and other energy storage technologies. The NY-BEST Supply Chain Database is a catalog of (presently) almost 400 companies in New York’s energy storage ecosystem.

As a NY-BEST member company, AppliedLogix is listed in the database alongside many of the fastest-growing energy storage companies in New York and beyond. One of our specialty areas is electronics for fuel cells, batteries and energy storage systems, so working with NY-BEST and its members is a natural fit. Controlling and monitoring energy storage systems brings unique challenges – from safety, to managing high-voltage / high-current interfaces, to large-scale power inverters, to handling critical process parameters – we have the experience and technology portfolio to realize these control systems. Because advanced embedded electronics is what we do, we can make real progress on day one of your project.

Energy storage is big business – with ever-growing demands on our electricity grid and sources growing more diverse, an expanding array of technologies are stepping up to meet our energy demands. Thanks to NY-BEST, the companies that are supplying this ecosystem can all be found in one place…

About the Author:

David Rea is an AppliedLogix senior engineer and partner. He serves as the firm's engineering practice leader for Fuel Cell and Energy applications. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BS) and Software Engineering (MS) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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