Electronic Hardware Development

AppliedLogix provides a senior team of “top 5%” electrical engineers who are fluent in hardware development from concept through production. With experience spanning many challenging domain areas, we can quickly acquire an understanding of customers’ applications and needs. Every team member takes pride in building technically-advanced, reliable and cost-effective electronics.

AppliedLogix hardware development capabilities include:

  • SOC-based custom board-level solutions
  • FPGA design & development including GHz+ serial comm links
  • Signal Integrity Analysis and EMC Optimization
  • Power Integrity – ultra low inductance PDN design
  • Complete PCB Layout service

Customer praise for AppliedLogix hardware capabilities:

“The new layout for the AVDD power planes is excellent – great job of maximizing the clearance to critical input nodes… Very well thought out and executed… You should be proud of this work! Ship it!”

“AppliedLogix has earned special recognition… the driving force behind the architecture specification, detailed design, PWB layout, and prototype design validation of this high-performance image path subsystem.”