Software & Applications

Modern software development is much more than “just programming”, and the team at AppliedLogix takes a comprehensive approach to software engineering that combines modern best-practices with years of experience building high-performance, real-time systems. The result is a team that can react to evolving application requirements while building software that’s well-designed, maintainable and extensible.

AppliedLogix software development capabilities include:

  • Architectural Analysis (including the¬†Kruchten “4+1 View” model, and functional apportioning)
  • Object Oriented Design in UML
  • User Interface Design
  • Test-Driven Development for PC and Embedded Software
  • IEC-compliant processes for Usability Engineering
  • Embedded Applications & Real-Time Systems
  • GUI & Console Applications for Windows, Linux & Mac OS-X
  • RTOS integration: MQX, pThreads, VxWorks, ThreadX, FreeRTOS / SafeRTOS, AUTOSAR, embedded RTLinux, TI SYS/BIOS & DSP/BIOS
  • Comprehensive Version Control and SCM: Subversion, Git, ClearCase, CVS
  • Industry-standard Tools & Frameworks: STL, Boost, WPF, .NET, Qt
  • System-level development: Windows Driver Framework, Linux Kernel Drivers