Welcome New Partner: Jonathan Powers

Jonathan's daughter Iris teaches him how to dance

Jonathan’s daughter Iris teaches him how to dance

As 2016 begins, we’re excited to announce that AppliedLogix is continuing to grow and welcome new partners. With increasing demand for high-performance hardware and FPGA development, we’re pleased to have Jonathan Powers join the team.

Jonathan has helped design and verify products for applications including high-altitude telemetry, helicopter HUD systems, advanced radar systems, and scientific HD video processing – you can learn more about his professional background on our Engineering Team page.

Jonathan and his wife and children live in the Rochester, NY area. When Jonathan is not working or spending time with his family, he enjoys noodling on his guitar and going to see live music. He also enjoys running and yoga to keep his body fit, and puzzles to keep his mind fit (his favorites are Variety “cryptic crosswords”).

About the Author:

David Rea is an AppliedLogix senior engineer and partner. He serves as the firm's engineering practice leader for Fuel Cell and Energy applications. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BS) and Software Engineering (MS) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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