Welcome New Partner: Michael Sander

AppliedLogix is proud and honored to be a growing business – as our clients bring us new projects and refer others, we’ve carefully and sustainably added top-5% engineers to our team.

Michael Sander: Firefighter (we'll just presume this was taken at a training operation!)

Michael in Firefighter mode (we’ll just presume this was taken at a training operation!)

This month, AppliedLogix is happy to welcome Michael Sander to our software group! Michael has been part of our “extended” team for over a year, so he’s been able to hit the ground running.

Michael’s joining strengthens and extends our embedded software capabilities. Michael’s experience includes many years spent as an independent software consultant, along with senior development positions in a variety of sectors. He wrote software to make wine bottles in California, payphone calls in Poland, stock trades in Manhattan, and aircraft navigation in Zimbabwe. He proudly remembers the 68000 family machine code for NOP (it’s 47E1).

For more information on Michael’s technical background, please check out his forthcoming entry on our engineering team page – it should be live later this week.

Michael and his wife and kids live in the Rochester, NY area – and when he’s not writing, testing or running code, he can often be found volunteering with the local fire department. When it comes to engineering, we’re all about preventing the need for figurative “firefighting” – so we’re happy to leave the real thing to Michael!

Please note: Michael is not filling the available position announced in the previous post – this position remains available! If you’re interested in potentially joining our team, please let us know by filling out the form…

About the Author:

David Rea is an AppliedLogix senior engineer and partner. He serves as the firm's engineering practice leader for Fuel Cell and Energy applications. He holds degrees in Electrical Engineering (BS) and Software Engineering (MS) from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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